The Anomaly

Welcome to the launching pad site for The Anomaly—the "What-If Factory" for WhereTheMapEnds! 

The most fun phase of writing speculative fiction is always the what-if phase. The Anomaly is dedicated only to that one phase! It's a riot, I can tell you. Whatever speculative genre you dream in, there's a place for you to dream it out with us

And when you're ready to share what you've written in these dreams, or read what other people have dreamed and written, come on in to "Anomalous Readings" to post or read original Christian speculative short fiction. And go to other worlds.

The Collaborative Fiction Project

The Anomaly page is also where we're developing the first-ever WhereTheMapEnds collaborative fiction project. It's SF vs. Fantasy in a fight to the death. Come make sure the right side wins!

Passengers, please fasten your seatbelts as our captain has illuminated the "Launch Imminent" light in the cabin. So, strap in, utter a prayer, and join us.

Other Forums

If you've tried out The Anomaly but you're still looking for something else to sate your forums appetite, consider visiting one of the other excellent forums currently serving the needs of folks who want to get together to talk about Christian speculative fiction.

Perhaps the most active one right now is over at MindFlights. Check out the great forums there.

Other forums that talk about Christian speculative fiction are at Ray Gun Revival and Holy Worlds. Pay them a visit!
















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