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Night Stranger—Short story by Jerry B. Jenkins

Jesus Is A Girl—Provocative blog entry by Ted Dekker

Evangel—The never-used prologue from Kathryn Mackel's creepy novel, Outriders

I Have Seen Paradise—The prologue from Havah: The Story of Eve by gifted storyteller Tosca Lee

Called To Tell A Story?—Thoughtful blog entry by novelist Sharon Hinck

Soul Searching—The opening moments from Book 3 in Christopher Hopper 's The White Lions Chronicles

The Voice—The prologue from Bill Myers' new novel

(S)leaper—The prologue from T.L. Hines' unpublished dark fantasy novel

Revising Your Novel—Self-editing tips from Writers Digest fiction columnist James Scott Bell

Whiskey in the Jar—A portion of a cyberpunk novel by Frank Creed

Swallow and Beyond—A short fantasy story by Rebecca LuElla Miller.

A Marcher Lord Gallery—A sneak peek at an amazing collection of speculative artwork by Christian artists.

The Merak Galaxy—A short story by Jill Williamson.

The prologue from Mike Dellosso's Darlington Woods.

Ears—A short story by P.A. Baines.


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