Random Story Generator

This thing is so fun. Prepare yourself!

The idea I had was to create a sentence that sounded like a brief plot outline or even a TV Guide blurb for a Christian speculative novel. I wanted to create several variables that would be randomly supplied by a little software utility, thus supplying a plot outline that might just be crazy enough to give you an idea spark.

So I conscripted my Christian speculative novelist buddy, Randall Ingermanson, to do the coding. Thanks, Randy!

The paragraph you see below in blue is what the software generated for you just now. If you want to see another version, click "Tell me another story!" or the Refresh button on your browser. If you're using Internet Explorer on a Windows machine, you can also press the F5 key. You'll see a new story every time.

Have fun!

Note that if nothing happens, you may have to click to allow ActiveX content to be shown on the page. Also, if you see "undefined" in the paragraph, just refresh the page or use your creativity to fill in the blank.


Tell me another story!


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